Looking back with a smile

Relive your event in style

For unforgettable parties, having a film with all the highlights is fantastic. We at Go Cine capture footage in various formats and styles, from cinematic films to interviews with your guests or with simple handheld cameras. We ensure that we capture the atmosphere of your event as perfectly as possible.

Aftermovies to give you chills

We create aftermovies for parties, grand openings, and other events. It’s amazing to receive a film that perfectly captures the day and can be relived time and time again. It gives you chills no matter how many times you watch it! With us as your video production partner, you’ll get a high-quality cinematic product at an affordable price.
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Why an aftermovie?

Why have an aftermovie made?
An aftermovie of an event is a great way to keep the memories of a successful evening alive. By compiling the best moments of the event into a professional video, you can show everyone who wasn’t there how enjoyable it was.
For whom?
Aftermovie videos can be used for various events, including festivals, corporate events, and even wedding videos. Particularly, wedding videos can be presented in a tasteful manner as an aftermovie. Are you interested in a high-quality wedding video? Feel free to visit our specialized wedding website for more information. Our team of experts in wedding aftermovies (wedding videos) specializes in creating unforgettable footage.
Aftermovie videos often include highlights of the event, such as the most exciting moments, the best performances, people dancing, jumping, singing, or cheering. This emphasizes the positive atmosphere and audience engagement at the event.
Some aftermovie videos feature interviews with organizers, artists, or participants of the event. These provide a behind-the-scenes look and offer insight into the planned and spontaneous aspects of the event.
Emotional footage
Aftermovie videos aim to capture the emotions and experiences of the event. This can be achieved by capturing close-ups of participants, genuine smiling faces, dancing people, and other emotional moments.
Atmosphere and locations
Aftermovie videos aim to convey the atmosphere of the event. This can be achieved by capturing the locations, decorations, lighting, and other visual elements that contribute to the ambiance.
Cinematic elements
Aftermovie videos often make use of cinematic techniques, such as slow-motion shots, timelapses, drone shots, and various camera angles. This enhances the visual appeal and cinematic feel of the video.
Brand logos and sponsor mentions
In some cases, aftermovie videos may also include brand logos and sponsor mentions. This is often seen in larger events where sponsors play a significant role in financing the event and are therefore involved in its promotion.
What does an aftermovie cost?
The costs of an aftermovie can vary depending on various factors. When determining the price, we take into account the duration of the event, the complexity of the editing, and the desired professional level. We aim to offer affordable rates that align with your needs and budget.
To provide you with an accurate quote, we invite you to contact us. This way, we can discuss your specific requirements, such as the duration and nature of the event. Based on your needs, we would be happy to prepare a personalized quote for you.